Hamburg Racecourse - home of the German Derby since 1869. Copyright: galoppfoto.de

Welcome to the official homepage of the German Derby. The IDEE 149th German Derby will be held on Sunday, July 8, 2018. The seven-day meeting begins on Friday, June 29, and ends on Sunday, July 8, 2017. Races will be held on June 29, June 30, July 1, July 4, July 5, July 7 and July8, 2018.

For tickets please contact us via e-mail: tickets [at] galopp-hamburg.de or by phone 0049 (0)40 651 82 81. You will find an overview of the different categories in the Tickets - section.

The German Derby has been run in Hamburg since 1869, and this long tradition will of course continue in 2017 and beyond. Like in all Racing Nations, the Derby is the most important race in the calendar, as only 3year olds are allowed to take part. And not just any 3yo, they do need to qualify and only the best 20 will assemble on that first Sunday in July. So the history of the race not only delves deep into fine thoroughbreds and horsemen, it is part of our cultural heritage as well. It survived two world wars, but was forced to be staged outside Hamburg five times: in Berlin-Grunewald in 1919, in Berlin-Hoppegarten in 1943 & 1944, in Munich-Riem in 1946 and in Cologne in 1947. However - Hamburg is the true home of this unique race. Come and enjoy the sparkle and the exciting atmosphere, whether you prefer to spend your time in the main enclosure on our grass lawn or in one of the VIP-areas. There is no dress-code at Hamburg Racecourse, but fine racing goes well with fine fashion, so why not dress for the occasion? You might even want to take part in our fashion completion for the most stylish hat! But whether you come in style or more relaxed, going race is just the best way to spend a summer´s day.

Can you afford to miss it?